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Vineyard Haven is a village port in the town of Tisbury. The area was first referred to by colonial settlers as Homes Hole. In 1871 the village changed its name to Vineyard Haven. It is the islands most year round community and the main port of entry to Martha's Vineyard. Tisbury is the only operating port year round. Vineyard Haven harbor is protected by two points of land know as West Chop and East Chop and made it one of the busiest ports in years past. From the west shore of Tisbury to Falmouth, the town is just over 3 miles from the mainland, the closest point on the Vineyard. The town is also home to lake Tashmoo.

Tisbury is a densely settled community with a population that matches Edgartown but with one quarter the land area. A variety of homes can be found here from modest capes to glorious waterfront mansions. Tisbury has a little over 19 square miles. The town was almost totally destroyed by fire in 1883 and stores and homes in the main street area date from that time.

Tisbury is bordered Vineyard Haven harbor and Lagoon Pond and Oak Bluffs to the east, West Tisbury to the southwest and Vineyard Haven to the north.

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