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Danielle M.

    In a buyer's market and fickle economy, gauging the value of your home has become a challenging endeavour. We needed to sell our home quickly without giving it away or loosing potential buyers by overpricing it. My husband took a job transfer relocating him to another state, while I was left behind to sell our home with children in toe. Lori quickly, professionally, and accurately serviced our appraisal. Our home sold within a week of its listing, with multiple offers all very near and at listing price, which was listed at appraisal value. Prospective buyers were thrilled that we had a current professional appraisal available. They said it took the guess work and stress out for them and gave them confidence when making their offer. Many Brokers/Realtors stated, that they wished that their sellers would do the same.

Grace C.

    I found Carroll Appraisals on the web, called and spoke to Lori. She answered all of my questions, and it turns out I did not need an appraisal. I was able to use the one I had when I refinanced my home. Thanks for saving me money, Lori!

Lance P.

    I was in the middle of a bankruptcy, and because of Lori's help with an appraisal, I was able to keep my home! Thanks Lori!

Justin V.

    I had an appraisal done on my house through Carroll Appraisals because my property taxes were to high. Thanks to them, my home taxes have been lowered by almost $550 a year! If your looking to get your house appraised, these are the guys to do it!

Susan K.

    Lori got several assignments done quickly and their price is fair even for rush orders. They've been doing this a long time, so they know the area even better than we do.

John D.

    Carroll Appraisals replaced another appraisal service our lenders used to use. We could never get consistent turnaround times until we called Carroll. Once we did that, everything turned around, and we could meet our clients' needs consistently, because we had the tools in hand to do so. We aren't looking back.