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Edgartown is a walking town. Main Street looks the way Main Street in a small New England town should look with it's historic homes and buildings, small shops and gourmet restaurants. It was the site of the islands first English settlement in the 1600's. It was know then as the Great Harbor. In the 1800's Edgartown was a primary port for the whaling trade and all along the harbor today on are the mansions built by the whaling ship owners and their captains. The growth of the population over the years has lead to a period of great renovations and renewals of these classic homes.

Along the Edgartown harbor is the yacht club and Memorial Wharf, which has a public viewing platform on it's roof and sits next to the Chappaquiddick ferry service that runs cars and passengers back and forth to the island within and island.

Another feature is South beach that runs the entire southern length of the island form Edgartown to Aquinnah and is a major destinations for tourists with it's crashing oceans.

The town has a total area of 122 square miles. It is bordered by Nantucket Sound to the northeast and east, the Atlantic Ocean to the south and West Tisbury to the west and Oak Bluffs to the north. It's the largest town by land area in Dukes county. Edgartown has a population at about 4,000 people with approximately 1600 homes.

The town was used as the town of Amity in the 1975 Blockbuster movie Jaws.

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