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The island is located in Massachusetts 12 miles south of New Bedford and 8 miles west of Gay Head on Martha's Vineyard Island and is the outer most of the Elizabeth Islands. It was the first site of English settlement in New England and has a land area of 580 acres with a population of around 52 persons which can swell to over 400 in the summer months. There are just over 200 homes on the island most past down and rarely sold.

Gosnold is a town that encompasses the Elizabeth islands in Dukes County and most of the residence live in the village of Cuttyhunk. People say Cuttyhunk is a place to do a whole lot of nothing. The island has no restaurants, bars, nightlife or traffic and residence use mostly golf carts to get around.
What Cuttyhunk does offer is a great harbor, fishing, beautiful hiking trails and piece and quite, perfect for getting away, catch up on some reading or just relax and enjoy the solitude.
There is a small market open part time and the Cuttyhunk Corner Store a small gift shop. Lodging consists of the Cuttyhunk Fishing Club, Avalon and some individual rentals. There are two ferry that run to the island both leave from New Bedford
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