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Chilmark has two town centers, one at a place called Beetlebung corner with it's library, post office, school, general store and town hall and the fishing village of Menemsha which has been trapped in time with it's old New England character and charm. The name 'Beetlebung' derived from the tupelo trees nearby which in years past were used to make mallets called beetles and wooden stoppers called bungs.

Menemsha What everyone wants you to do here is buy an ice cream cone, a lobster roll or a cup of claim chowder, sit outside and enjoy. Take a few pictures, and go for a swim at the fine beach which draws people all summer long, and is especially popular for its colorful sunsets and one of the few places on the east coast were the sun set over the sea.

One might define Chilmark by the stone walls that wind through rolling fields recalling the day when the islands landscape were open land was devoted to sheep farming. It was first settled in 1660 and was the first to separate from the two original towns of Tisbury and Edgartown. Chilmark has six beaches along with several sanctuaries and preserves.

The town includes the island of Noman's land which lies southwest of the island and uninhabited It is situated about three miles off the southwest corner of the island. The Noman's Land is closed to the public and was formerly a practice area for bombers, however it is now a wildlife refuge.

Chilmark has a total area of just over 100 square miles with 19 square miles of land and the remaining 81 square miles of water. There are under 1,000 residence and just under 400 households.

Chilmark is favorite to vacationers who want to quite side of the Vineyard with serene and pastoral vistas. If features the popular Chilmark Flea market held every weekend.

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